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The northern Gulf of Mexico is a region that has been frequently impacted in recent years by natural disasters such as hurricanes. The use of remote sensing data such as winds from NASA's QuikSCAT satellite sensor would be useful for emergency preparedness during such events. In this study, the performance of QuikSCAT products, including JPL's latest Level(More)
BACKGROUND Boswellia serrata, also known as Indian frankincense is a commercially important medicinal plant which has been used for hundreds of years as an Ayurvedic medicine for the attempted treatment of arthritis. It contains naturally occurring triterpenoic acids, called as boswellic acids (BA's). RESULTS A highly reproducible High performance liquid(More)
Human vision is the most important resource of information used for object recognition and classification. Images having constant intensities can be easily represented by vision. Textures are one of the important features in computer vision as it identifies different regions of an image on the basis of texture properties. It is widely used in variety of(More)
Studies on piperine ((M 1 )) and its synthetic analogues (M 2-18 ) by positive electrospray ionisation mass spectrometry were carried out in the flow injection mode of analysis in methanol. The MS experiments on these compounds at concentration 5 ng/μL or above yielded dimeric ionic species [2 M + Na](+) which revealed that piperine and its analogues(More)
Comparator is one of the most widely used building block for analog and mixed signal systems. For the implementation of high-performance CMOS A/D converters, low offset comparators are essential. In this paper, dynamic comparator offset is calculated to the extent of high accuracy. The offset so calculated has been reduced by the charge storage techniques(More)