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Lifetime enhancement has always been of crucial importance for wireless sensor network due to resource limitations of sensor nodes. In the recent past some researchers have suggested moving base station method to enhance the lifetime of wireless sensor network. However the movement of base station in sensor field is a complex problem and practically may not(More)
Extending the lifetime of the wireless sensor networks has always been a crucial challenge for the researchers. Most of the energy is consumed in data transmission to the sink. In the recent past some researchers have suggested mobile sink method to minimize energy consumption in wireless sensor networks. The movement of sink is governed by fuzzy logic(More)
Lifetime augmentation has always been an interesting subject of vital significance in wireless sensor networks. Excess extent of energy is dissipated during data transmission to the base station (sink) from normal sensor nodes. Clustering is an efficacious way of augmenting the life span by optimizing (reducing) the energy dissipation of WSNs. Many numbers(More)
Handwritten signatures are very important in our social and legal life for verification and authentication. A signature can be a "seal of approval" only if it is done by an authorized person which is a full proof way of authentication. Even two signatures of same person can have some kind of differences that is they cannot have perfect resemblances. Their(More)
In this report, we present Pellet: a complete and capable OWL-DL reasoner with acceptable to very good performance, extensive middleware, and a number of unique features. Pellet is written in Java and is open source under a very liberal license. It is used in a number of projects, from pure research to industrial settings. Pellet is the first sound and(More)
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