Neha Punia

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BACKGROUND Lung-homing of progenitor cells is associated with inflammatory and remodelling changes in asthma. Factors that modulate the increased traffic of progenitor cells to the site of inflammation in asthma remain to be defined. Interleukin (IL)-4 and IL-13 are Th2 cytokines that are key regulators of asthma pathology. OBJECTIVE We investigated the(More)
PPARγ agonists can either enhance or inhibit eosinophil migration, which is a sum of directional migration (chemotaxis) and random cell movement (chemokinesis). To date, the effects of PPAR agonists on chemokinesis have not been examined. This study investigates the effects of PPARα, δ, and γ agonists on eosinophil migration and chemokinesis. Eosinophils(More)
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