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Handling Co-Resident Attacks: A Case for Cost-Efficient Dedicated Resource Provisioning
To the best of the knowledge, this work is the first to consider secure and cost-effective VM provisioning from the user perspective and leverages existing secure resource allocation methods provided by public cloud providers such as EC2 Dedicated Instances. Expand
A LLC-based DoS Attack Technique on Virtualization System with Detection and Prevention Model
A generalized Hypervisor-based Intrusion Detection and Prevention System model is proposed wherein the detection model is focusing on cache attacks in the cloud environment combining several strategies and prevention model will isolate the malicious VM which will be charged significantly higher by CSP. Expand
SparshJa: A User-Centric Mobile Application Designed for Visually Impaired
SparshJa presents a user interface which mimics the Braille cell on touch screen phone where position of each dot is identified by means of distinct vibratory patterns and this Haptic feedback is augmented by auditory feedback that spells out the input letter. Expand