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This paper provides a comparative overview of urban transport in the world’s two most populous countries: China and India. Cities in both countries are suffering from severe and worsening transport problems: air pollution, noise, traffic injuries and fatalities, congestion, parking shortages, energy use, and a lack of mobility for the poor. The urban(More)
Indian cities face a transport crisis characterized by levels of congestion, noise, pollution, traffic fatalities and injuries, and inequity far exceeding those in most European and North American cities. India’s transport crisis has been exacerbated by the extremely rapid growth of India’s largest cities in a context of low incomes, limited and outdated(More)
Deleterious effects of climate change and human activities, as well as diverse environmental stresses, present critical challenges to food production and the maintenance of natural diversity. These challenges may be met by the development of novel crop varieties with increased biotic or abiotic resistance that enables them to thrive in marginal lands.(More)
This paper presents an approach for finger knuckle print (FKP's) authentication using DAISY descriptor on different knuckle combinations. Score level fusion is applied on scores of features extracted from FKPs. An improved identification rate is achieved after fusion as compared to that from the individual knuckle print. There has also been a little effort(More)
Container movement involves several stakeholders where each group is focused on achieving its own objectives. By actively considering the perspective of different maritime stakeholders, this paper identifies a set of implementation strategies and prioritizes them to successfully implement an ‘Inland-Depots-for-Empty-Containers’ (IDEC) system in a region. It(More)
In this paper, palmprint based authentication is presented. The palmprint image is acquired using an acquisition system developed at IIT Delhi. The Region of interest (ROI) is extracted from the palmprint image by finding a tangent of curves between fingers. The perpendicular bisector of this tangent divides the rectangular area enclosing the palmprint into(More)
In the present work, possibility of improving microcantilever profile for better response as compared to existing profile namely triangular, trapezoidal and invert paddle is explored. This is achieved by doing simulations on MEMS CAD tool (Intellisuite). Performance of the microcantilever is measured on the basis of resonant frequency and static deflection(More)