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Transmission of critical data over the link, in the presence of an attacker has augmented the demand for secure communication. Particularly in the military field, exchange of classified images has to be executed with extreme caution. Advanced digital technologies require encryption, authentication and key distribution techniques to facilitate reliable and(More)
The main purpose of using biometrics is to avoid the risks related to password such as easy to find or Stoll. To make safe and authenticated access control it is true alternatives for passwords and identifiers. In contrast to existing methods, finger knuckle image authentication system employs a low resolution knuckle print images to achieve effective(More)
In the image processing domain, researchers all over the world aim at designing algorithms which posses the feature of facilitating multiple advantages amalgamated in one scheme viz. compression, fusion, enhancement, security etc. In various classified applications such as military, medical, forensics etc, the image databases are huge and contain a lot of(More)
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