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Bioadhesive polymers: Novel tool for drug delivery
Abstract Mucoadhesive drug delivery systems came into picture in the early 1980s and are one of the most studied novel delivery systems. Several researchers have focused on the investigations of theExpand
Copper-dependent amino oxidase 3 governs selection of metabolic fuels in adipocytes
Copper (Cu) has emerged as an important modifier of body lipid metabolism. However, how Cu contributes to the physiology of fat cells remains largely unknown. We found that adipocytes require Cu toExpand
Insulin signaling and copper homeostasis are functionally linked in 3T3-L1 adipocytes (992.2)
Copper is an essential element for human growth and development. Abnormal copper metabolism is associated with severe and potentially lethal disorders. Previous studies of copper misbalance in the ...
N-succinyl chitosan as buccal penetration enhancer for delivery of herbal agents in treatment of oral mucositis.
Oral mucositis is one of the major side effects of cancer chemotherapy (30-76%) and radiotherapy (over 50%). Current palliative treatments of oral mucositis include specialized agents likeExpand
Effect of Exercise Program and Calcium Supplements on Low Bone Mass among Young Indian Women- A Comparative Study
Purpose Low bone mass is a major health concern among young women nowadays due to sedentary lifestyle and lack of calcium rich food intake. Therefore there is an increase in the incidence of LBMExpand
Study of vitamin C therapy in allergic rhinitis
Background: Vitamin C has a therapeutic role in allergic rhinitis by reduction of oxidative stress and inflammation. The present study has been undertaken to evaluate the improvement or otherwise inExpand
High prevalence of Mycoplasma genitalium in men who have sex with men: A cross-sectional study
First‐void urine and rectal samples were collected routinely for chlamydia polymerase chain reaction (PCR) targeting cryptic plasmid.2 In addition, oropharyngeal swabs were also collected if theExpand
Bilayer mucoadhesive microparticles for the delivery of metoprolol succinate: Formulation and evaluation
Abstract Metoprolol succinate is a very potent drug for the treatment of hypertension but suffers from poor bioavailability due to its erratic absorption in lower GI tract. Therefore, in the presentExpand
Demographic profile of fungal rhinosinusitis at a tertiary care centre
Background: Fungal rhino sinusitis is rampant in the North Indian state of Punjab. The demographic profile, presentation and comorbidities have been analysed. Methods: 110 samples from the nasalExpand
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