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STUDY DESIGN Literature Review. INTRODUCTION For optimal Distal Radius Fracture (DRF) rehabilitation and fracture prevention, it is important to understand the epidemiology and factors predictive of injury, chronic pain, chronic disability, and subsequent fracture. PURPOSE To summarize the literature reporting on DRF epidemiology, risk factors, and(More)
This paper evaluates the Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) signaling techniques using MATLAB. Various codes used to employ this technique are PN Sequence codes, Walsh-Hadamard codes and Gold codes. At the time of transmission, signal undergoes fading. Further the Bit Error Rate (BER) performance of the system is also affected by the number of users as(More)
Presentations A005 Measuring ‘Illness Perceptions and Behavior’ in People with Knee Pain/Osteoarthritis Clayon B. Hamilton, PhD* Bert M. Chesworth, BA, BScPT, MClScPT, PhD† * Arthritis Research Canada; Department of Physical Therapy, University of British Columbia, Richmond, BC; † School of Physical Therapy, Faculty of Health Sciences; Department of(More)
INTRODUCTION Recently, a shorter version of Western Ontario Rotator Cuff Index (Short-WORC) was proposed as a subset of 7 items from the original 21-item WORC. However, the reproducibility of the Short-WORC has not been established. PURPOSE OF THE STUDY To determine reproducibility (reliability and agreement) of the Short-WORC among patients with rotator(More)
STUDY DESIGN Descriptive/Longitudinal cohort. INTRODUCTION Distal radius fracture (DRF) is a common fall related fragility fracture that is known to be an early and independent predictor of secondary osteoporotic (OP) fractures. Changes in falls risk status, bone status and general health has not been evaluated prospectively in a population that has(More)
A systematic analysis was conducted on the effectiveness of knee braces and foot orthoses in conservative management of knee osteoarthritis. The methodologic quality of the randomized clinical trials, controlled clinical trials, and observational studies were systematically reviewed using the Structured Effectiveness Quality Evaluation Scale. Twenty-five(More)
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