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The periodic formation of plant organs such as leaves and flowers gives rise to intricate patterns that have fascinated biologists and mathematicians alike for hundreds of years [1]. The plant hormone auxin plays a central role in establishing these patterns by promoting organ formation at sites where it accumulates due to its polar, cell-to-cell transport(More)
In previous studies, it is pointed out that in several situations it is better to use interval-valued fuzzy numbers instead of triangular or trapezoidal fuzzy numbers. But till now, there is no method that deals with the sensitivity analysis of such linear programming problems in which all the parameters are represented by interval-valued fuzzy numbers. In(More)
Rainfall data from the year 1965 to 2005 have been analyzed and then plotted with respect to time to analyze time series plot and autocorrelation plot.. From the autocorrelation plots, it is observed that upto lag 4 to lag 5, which is around 10% of the length of the data, the results shows better correlations and for lags beyond 10% of the record length,(More)