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The periodic formation of plant organs such as leaves and flowers gives rise to intricate patterns that have fascinated biologists and mathematicians alike for hundreds of years [1]. The plant hormone auxin plays a central role in establishing these patterns by promoting organ formation at sites where it accumulates due to its polar, cell-to-cell transport(More)
MANET is a self organized, self configurable network having no infrastructure, and in which the mobile nodes move arbitrarily. The mobile nodes can receive and relay packets as a router. Routing is a critical issue and an efficient routing protocol makes the MANET reliable. The provision of quality of service (QoS) guarantees is much more challenging mainly(More)
Telecommunication and network systems have become more complex in recent years. Routing and optimal path finding are some of the important network problems. Traditional routing methods are not capable to satisfy new routing demands. Swarm intelligence is a relatively new approach to problem solving which provides a basis with which it explores problem(More)
The fuzzy set theory is being applied massively in many fields these days. One of these is linear programming problems. Kheirfam and Hasani (Sensitivity analysis for fuzzy linear programming problems with fuzzy variables, Advanced Modeling and Optimization, 12 (2010) 257-272), proposed a method for the sensitivity analysis for fuzzy linear programming (FLP)(More)
An ad-hoc network is a collection of wireless mobile hosts forming a temporary network without the aid of any stand-aloneinfrastructure or centralized administration. Mobile Ad-HoC Networks are self-organizing and self-configuring multihop wireless networks where the structure of the network changes dynamically. This is mainly due to the mobility of the(More)