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We examined brain injury and seizures in adult C57 black mice (C57/BL6) that underwent neonatal hypoxic-ischemic (HI) episodes. Mouse pups of 7 days-old underwent a ligation of the right common carotid artery and a subsequent hypoxic challenge (8% O2 for 45min). Post-HI mice were implanted with intracranial electrodes at 2-3 months of age, subjected to(More)
15-Lipoxygenase-2 protein has been reported to play an important role in normal development of prostate, lung, skin, and cornea tissues. It behaves as a suppressor of prostate cancer development by restricting cell cycle progression and implicating a possible protective role against tumor formation. On the basis of the above report, we selected 15-LOX-2(More)
Security and Privacy are two important parameters that need to be considered when dealing with Wireless Sensor Networks as WSN operate in an unattended environment and carry sensitive information critical to the application. However, applying security techniques that consume minimum resources is still a challenge and this paper makes an attempt to address(More)
BACKGROUND Rapid and safe endotracheal intubation is of paramount importance in general anaesthesia. The aim of this study was to compare the intubating conditions of succinylcholine with rocuronium bromide and vecuronium bromide using "Timing principle". The timing principle entails administration of a single bolus dose of nondepolarizing muscle relaxant,(More)
UNLABELLED The oral cavity is an open ecosystem that shows a dynamic balance between the entrance of microorganisms (bacterial, viral or fungal), colonization modalities, nutritional balance, and host defenses against their removal. The oral lesions including aphthous ulcerations, herpes labialis, oral candidiasis, oral lichen planus, and angular cheilitis(More)
A multiplexer, sometimes referred to as a "mux", is a device that selects between a numbers of input signals. It is a combinational logic circuit. It is a unidirectional device and used in any application in which data must be switched from multiple sources to a destination. This paper represents the simulation of different 2:1 Multiplexer Structures and(More)
Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune human skin disorder that is characterized by excessive proliferation of keratinocytes, scaly plaques, severe inflammation and erythema. The pathophysiology of psoriasis involves interplay between epidermal keratinocytes, T lymphocytes, leukocytes and vascular endothelium. Increased leukocyte recruitment and elevated levels(More)
Stability is defined by the ability to return to the initial (or unperturbed) state following a perturbation and hence can be assessed by quantifying the post-perturbation response. This response may be divided into two phases: an initial passive response phase, dependent upon both the steady state of the system and the system's intrinsic mechanical(More)
Oral sex is commonly practiced by sexually active couples of various age groups, including male-female and same-gender adolescents. The various type of oral sex practices are fellatio, cunnilingus, and analingus. Oral sex can transmit oral, respiratory, and genital infections from one site in body to the other. Oral health has a direct correlation on the(More)