Neha Agarwal

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Crouzon syndrome, also called craniofacial dysostosis, is an autosomal dominant disorder with complete penetrance and variable expressivity. Described by a French neurosurgeon in 1912, it is a rare genetic disorder characterized by premature closure of cranial sutures, midfacial hypoplasia, and orbital defects. Here, we report a case of this rare entity.(More)
Application of logical effort on transistor-level analysis of different adder architecture is presented. Logical effort method is used to estimate delay and impact of different adder topologies. The tested adder topologies were 8-bit Carry skip adder and 4bit ripple carry adder. The efficiency of the model is analyzed by circuit simulation using TSPICE for(More)
— Mobile ad hoc networks (MANET) are self-creating networks. They contain short radio range and limited bandwidth and they do not have any infrastructure support. There is a sudden change in topology of ad hoc networks. In such type of situation, establishing correct and efficient routes from source to destination is an important design issue in mobile ad(More)
The incidence of multiple myeloma (MM) affecting the jaws is 30% and on rare occasions the oral involvement can be the first indication of the disease. Authors report a case of MM in a 40-year-old woman who presented with a multilocular radiolucent lesion in the left mandible initially mistaken as an ameloblastoma. Conventional radiographs revealed a(More)
Digital signatures are used to ensure the integrity, non-repudiation and authencity while communication between the sender and recipient however it cannot be used in some condition so can be used in several forms. Several approaches has been proposed on proxy signatures. In this paper we have given a survey on discrete logarithmic problem, RSA and Bilinear(More)
The aim of this study was to determine the apoptotic effects, toxicity, and radiosensitization of total low dose irradiation delivered at a high dose rate in vitro to melanoma cells, normal human epidermal melanocytes (HEM), or normal human dermal fibroblasts (HDF) and to study the effect of mitochondrial inhibition in combination with radiation to enhance(More)
Cloud computing demand is increasing due to which it is important to provide correct services in the presence of faults also. The Resources in cloud computing can be dynamically scaled that too in a cost effective manner. Fault Tolerance is the process of finding faults and failures in a system. If a fault occurs or there is a hardware failure or software(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to examine the clinical and radiographic presentation of fibrous dysplasia through an 8-year retrospective study in patients who reported to the outpatient unit of the Kothiwal Dental College and Research Centre, Moradabad. MATERIALS AND METHODS The clinical file records and radiographs of the patients who reported to(More)
—An optimization algorithm is a famous choice forsolving the complex real world problems. Differential evolutionis a robust and powerful evolutionary algorithm for solvingthe global optimization problem in continuous search space.It has been applied in many engineering and scientific areas.Efficiency of DE truly depends on strategy chosen for trialvector(More)