Neha Agarwal

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Patients with early age-of-onset Alzheimer's disease show more rapid progression, more generalized cognitive deficits and greater cortical atrophy and hypometabolism compared to late-onset patients at a similar disease stage. The biological mechanisms that underlie these differences are not well understood. The purpose of this study was to examine in vivo(More)
Forty to fifty per cent of skeletal mass, accumulated during childhood and adolescence, is influenced by sunlight exposure, physical activity, lifestyle, endocrine status, nutrition and gender. In view of scarce data on association of nutrition and lifestyle with hypovitaminosis D in Indian children and adolescents, an in-depth study on 3,127 apparently(More)
Systems from smartphones to supercomputers are increasingly heterogeneous, being composed of both CPUs and GPUs. To maximize cost and energy efficiency, these systems will increasingly use globally-addressable heterogeneous memory systems, making choices about memory page placement critical to performance. In this work we show that current page placement(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the efficacy of supplementation with oral vitamin D₃ (cholecalciferol) on bone mineral biochemical parameters of school-going girls. SETTING Government school (government-aided) and Private school (fee paying) in Delhi. DESIGN Randomized controlled trial. INTERVENTION Cholecalciferol granules (60,000 IU) orally with water,(More)
Historically, GPU-based HPC applications have had a substantial memory bandwidth advantage over CPU-based workloads due to using GDDR rather than DDR memory. However, past GPUs required a restricted programming model where application data was allocated up front and explicitly copied into GPU memory before launching a GPU kernel by the programmer. Recently,(More)
OBJECTIVE Our objective was to examine serum leptin prospectively as a predictor of weight and body fat growth in children at high risk for adult obesity. We hypothesized that leptin measurements would be positively associated with increased growth of adipose tissue because children with high baseline leptin for their body fat mass have greater leptin(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate retinal nerve fiber layer thickness (RNFLT) using optical coherence tomography (OCT) in children with acquired demyelinating diseases. METHODS This is a cross-sectional study of patients seen between 2006-2008 at the Pediatric MS Center of the Jacobs Neurological Institute. Consensus definitions for pediatric demyelinating disease were(More)
The advent of new memory technologies that are denser and cheaper than commodity DRAM has renewed interest in two-tiered main memory schemes. Infrequently accessed application data can be stored in such memories to achieve significant memory cost savings. Past research on two-tiered main memory has assumed a 4KB page size. However, 2MB huge pages are(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to examine the clinical and radiographic presentation of fibrous dysplasia through an 8-year retrospective study in patients who reported to the outpatient unit of the Kothiwal Dental College and Research Centre, Moradabad. MATERIALS AND METHODS The clinical file records and radiographs of the patients who reported to(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies have demonstrated alterations in the peripheral cholinergic system in Alzheimer's disease (AD), though results have been inconsistent and not linked to in vivo biomarkers of pathology. We examined the relationship between amyloid-beta (Aβ) plaques and plasma cholinesterase activity in a heterogeneous dementia population. (More)