Negar Hashemian

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The intracellular environment in which biological reactions occur is crowded with macromolecules and subdivided into microenvironments that differ in both physical properties and chemical composition. The work described here combines experimental and computational model systems to help understand the consequences of this heterogeneous reaction media on the(More)
Moving Horizon Estimation (MHE) is a general method employed in many dynamic systems to monitor unmeasurable states. MHE can handle unavoidable physical constraints on the system by a constrained nonlinear optimization problem. However, since this approach requires repeated solving of the optimization problem, it is usually limited to slow-evolving,(More)
Subcellular compartmentalization of biomolecules and their reactions is common in biology and provides a general strategy for improving and/or controlling kinetics in metabolic pathways that contain multiple sequential enzymes. Enzymes can be colocalized in multiprotein complexes, on scaffolds or inside subcellular organelles. Liquid organelles formed by(More)
We address the issue of state estimation of an aggregation process through (i) using model reduction to obtain a tractable approximation of the governing dynamics, and (ii) designing a fast moving-horizon estimator for the reduced-order model. We first use the method of moments to reduce the governing integro-differential equation down to a nonlinear(More)
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