Negah Ahmadvand

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To compare plasminogen activator inhibitor type1 (PAI-1) mutation rates in different groups of patients with the record of recurrent miscarriage (RM) or implantation failure (IF) with special emphasis on the number of missed pregnancies and/or implantation failures (RM ≥ 2, IF ≥ 2, RM + IF ≥ 2, RM ≥ 3, IF ≥ 3 and RM + IF ≥ 3). Case-control study from PCR(More)
Roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) are seasonal breeders and cyclic structural changes of roe bucks' testis come along with a totally arrested (winter) and a highly activated spermatogenesis (summer). For this reason, roe buck represents an interesting model to study general mechanisms of initiation and termination of spermatogenesis. We investigated if(More)
We have employed a peptide-based antibody generation protocol for producing antibody against human nestin. Using a 12-mer synthetic peptide from repetitive region of human nestin protein devoid of any N- or O-glyco-sylation sequences, we generated a mouse monoclonal antibody capable of recognizing human, mouse, bovine, and rat nestin. A wide variety of(More)
OBJECTIVES Antibodies against actin, as one of the most widely studied structural and multifunctional housekeeping proteins in eukaryotic cells, are used as internal loading controls in western blot analyses. The aim of this study was to produce polyclonal antibody against a synthetic peptide derived from N-terminal region of β-actin protein to be used as a(More)
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