Neetu Singla

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A five-parameter distribution called Beta Generalized Weibull (BGW) distribution is introduced. Exponential are its sub models. The cumulative distribution function (cdf) and the probability density function (pdf) have been expressed as mixtures of the Generalized Weibull cdfs and pdfs. The kth order moment has been derived. The non-linear equations for(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Understanding medical students' motivation to select medical studies is particularly salient to inform practice and policymaking in countries-such as India-where shortage of medical personnel poses crucial and chronical challenges to healthcare systems. This study aims to develop and validate a questionnaire to assess the motivation(More)
Weighted Gamma (WG), a weighted version of Gamma distribution, is introduced. The hazard function is increasing or upside-down bathtub depending upon the values of the parameters. This distribution can be obtained as a hidden upper truncation model. The expressions for the moment generating function and the moments are given. The non-linear equations for(More)
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