Neetu Singla

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A five-parameter distribution called Beta Generalized Weibull (BGW) distribution is introduced. Beta Generalized Exponential (BGE), Beta Weibull (BW), Generalized or Exponentiated Weibull (GW or EW), Generalized Rayleigh (GR), Beta Exponential (BE), Generalized Exponential (GE), Weibull, Rayleigh and Exponential are its sub models. The cumulative(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Understanding medical students' motivation to select medical studies is particularly salient to inform practice and policymaking in countries-such as India-where shortage of medical personnel poses crucial and chronical challenges to healthcare systems. This study aims to develop and validate a questionnaire to assess the motivation(More)
BACKGROUND Human resource for health is critical in quality healthcare delivery. India, with a large rural population (68.8%), needs to urgently bridge the gaps in health workforce deployment between urban and rural areas. METHODS We did a critical interpretative synthesis of the existing literature by using a predefined selection criteria to assess(More)
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