Neetu Radhakrishnan

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Lymphopenia is a common finding in dialysis patients. Since infection rate and mortality associated with infection are high in dialysis patients, lymphopenia may be one of the contributing factors. In the present study, we evaluated the mechanism responsible for lymphopenia in these patients. Lymphocytes isolated from dialysis patients showed increased(More)
The effect of morphine on the degradation of the host defense barrier in rats and mice was studied. Mice received either 3 or 11 doses of morphine. Mice receiving 11 doses of morphine showed gram-negative bacteremia and bacterial growth in samples of peritoneal fluid (PF), liver, spleen, kidneys, heart, and lungs; PF and tissue samples from only 1 control(More)
Oxidative stress plays an important role in the induction of mesangial cell (MC) injury. In the present study, we evaluated the molecular mechanism involved in hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)-induced MC apoptosis. In addition, we examined the role of heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1) in hepatocyte growth factor (HGF)-modulated, H2O2-induced MC injury. H2O2 promoted (p <(More)
BACKGROUND Morphine has been reported to alter immune function. Morphine-induced macrophage apoptosis has been shown to contribute to altered immune status in an opiate milieu. We studied the effect of morphine-induced macrophage apoptosis on the migration of macrophages. Because urinary tract infection (UTI) is one of the commonest infections to evoke an(More)
BACKGROUND Urinary tract infection is a common occurrence often associated with renal interstitial inflammation in the form of accumulation of mononuclear cells. We hypothesized that bacteria activate tubular cells to secrete cytokines, which may promote migration of mononuclear cells at the site of interaction. MATERIALS AND METHODS We evaluated the(More)
Dialysis membranes have been reported to induce monocyte apoptosis. We studied the role of oxidative stress in the induction of dialysis membrane-induced monocyte apoptosis. Superoxide dismutase, a superoxide scavenger, prevented dialysis membrane-induced monocyte apoptosis. Similarly, other antioxidants also inhibited dialysis membrane- induced apoptosis.(More)
A case of primary myelofibrosis involving lymph node and with a novel cytogenetic abnormality [del (18) (p11.2-3)] is reported. The abnormalities are identical among specimens from the lymph node, peripheral blood, and bone marrow that were analyzed years apart. Additionally, we show that the infiltrate by dysplastic megakaryocytes in the lymph node(More)