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—This paper presents an efficient and reliable biogeography–based optimization (BBO) algorithm to solve both convex and nonconvex Economic load dispatch problem (ELD) with Ramp rate limit of thermal power plants. Economic load dispatch (ELD) is a method to schedule the power generator outputs with respect to the load demands, and to operate the power system(More) 83 Unusual Presentation of Bronchogenic Carcinoma Sir, Bronchogenic carcinoma presents commonly with symptoms like cough, dyspnoea or hemoptysis. While bone metastases from bronchogenic carcinoma is a familiar problem, their significance as the first tumor manifestation, has been underestimated.1 A 40 years non smoker female patient came with(More)
Quiescent supply current (I<sub>DDQ</sub>) is a very effective test method for CMOS circuits. However, I<sub>DDQ</sub> vector verification and debugging may take considerable time and effort; various problems have been encountered in this process, so different tools and methodologies have been devised to address them. For pre-silicon I<sub>DDQ</sub> vector(More)
Yield learning in modern technologies requires fail data logging from the scan and memory structural tests to gain insight into the failing location inside a chip.Currently there is no standard format to store the fail data in an efficient way. A group of more than 20companies from ATE, EDA, Semiconductor and Yield Management companies has been working to(More)
Transmission properties of massless Dirac fermions that are charge carriers in graphene through a double potential barrier can be completely understood in terms of resonances in Fabry-Perrot cavity. Using a Green’s function based approach we generalize this analysis to the case of transmission through an array of short range random scatterers modeled as(More)
Ischemic heart diseases are the leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Reperfusion of an ischemic heart is necessary to regain the normal functioning of the heart. However, abrupt reperfusion of an ischemic heart elicits a cascade of adverse events that leads to injury of the myocardium, i.e., ischemia-reperfusion injury. An endogenous powerful(More)
Different derivatives of fluoroquinolones were synthesized by combining it with different thiadiazoles. The synthesized compounds were characterized by infrared spectroscopy, proton nuclear magnetic resonance and mass spectral data. The compounds were screened for their antibacterial and antifungal activity. Ciprofloxacin derivatives with thiadiazoles 7c(More)
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