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Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), a precursor sex steroid, circulates in sulphated form (DHEAS). Serum DHEAS concentrations are inversely correlated with metabolic syndrome components and in vivo/in vitro studies suggest a role in modulating adipose mass. To investigate further, we assessed the in vitro biological effect of DHEA in white (3T3-L1) and brown(More)
BACKGROUND Recurrent Kawasaki disease is rare. CASE CHARACTERISTICS An eight-month old infant had classic Kawasaki disease with transient coronary artery dilatation. OBSERVATIONS Recurrence of incomplete Kawasaki disease after two years of initial diagnosis. OUTCOME The index episode of Kawasaki disease was resistant to single infusion of(More)
HIV reservoirs pose major challenges to viral eradication. The main cellular reservoirs include CD4 T cells and macrophages, whereas anatomic reservoirs are thought to be primarily lymphoid tissues. Adipose tissue represents a potentially important non-lymphoid location for HIV replication and persistence because the stromal-vascular-fraction (AT-SVF)(More)
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