Neetha Sebastian

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The language user can recognize words uttered by different speakers, even when they vary their intonation and speaking rate. In this paper we focus on the user’s ability to recognize word forms regardless of whether they are spoken fast or slow. Indeed, speech rate is highly variable in natural context. For example, a word uttered in isolation may be twice(More)
Grammatical Inference is the technique by which a grammar that best describes a given set of input samples is inferred. This paper considers the inference of tree grammars from a set of sample input trees. Inference of grammars for fixed arity trees is well studied, in this paper we extend the method to give algorithms for inference of grammars for variable(More)
This paper proposes a novel methodology for the optimization of Hairpin-Line bandpass filter. The proposed methodology is based on well-known Plackett-Burman Design of Experiment technique. First, a five section hairpin resonator is designed to operate at a center frequency of 2.4GHz with a bandwidth of 300MHz using Genesys software. Plackett-Burman Design(More)
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