Neeta Baporikar

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Entrepreneurship is important in the daily business environment and is plays a crucial role in the world economy. Entrepreneurship is an interesting topic as it deals with the behaviour of the firm entrepreneur and the entrepreneur’s main competencies. However, the field of entrepreneurship world over is evolving and so is it in India. The focus of this(More)
Organizations have been forced to transform themselves from “product-centric” to “customer-centric” for various reasons. Becoming customer centric is one of the most important aims of any organization. Customer Relationship Management has attracted the attention of both marketing practitioners and researchers over the last decade. Despite, or maybe due to,(More)
“When memories exceed dreams, the end is near. The hallmark of a truly successful organization is the willingness to abandon what made it successful and start fresh” (Friedman, 2005). These words seem relevant in the context of the discussion on creativity, creative industries, and innovation. The debate has been by no means scarce, but are economies,(More)
Today, success and worth of a business depend more on intellectual capital than physical capital. Hence, knowledge that exists within an organization is a sustainable source of competitive advantage, which makes Knowledge Management (KM) a critical input in the growth of any organization and more so in the case of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Even(More)
Technology has been continuously improving, causing high business pressures that affect organizations’ current and future competitiveness. Gaining competitive advantage is critical for organizations. Among the various resources which organizations deploy to succeed, information is identified as a crucial resource. The success of organizations depends on the(More)