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Characters are vital to large video game worlds as they bring a sense of life to the world. However, background characters are known to rarely exhibit any sign of motivated behavior or emotional state. We want to change this by assigning these characters emotions that can be identified through their non-verbal behavior. We feel the addition of emotion will(More)
As the video game industry grows, both developers and creative authors seek new ways to simplify the process of controlling story content using scripts. This paper describes a story model and its software implementation, ScriptEase II, designed to solve this game design bottleneck. ScriptEase II is the second generation of the ScriptEase system, whose goal(More)
In the standard rules of the board game Risk, players take turns selecting or “drafting” the 42 territories on the board until all territories are owned. We present a technique for drafting territories in Risk that combines theMonte Carlo tree search algorithm UCT with an automated evaluation function. Created through supervised machine learning, this(More)
Most story-based games today have manually-scripted non-player characters (NPCs) and the scripts are usually simple and repetitive since it is timeconsuming for game developers to script each character individually. ScriptEase, a publicly-available author-oriented developer tool, attempts to solve this problem by generating script code from high-level(More)
This demonstration describes ScriptEase II, a tool that allows game story authors to generate scripts that control objects in video games by manipulating high level story patterns and game objects. ScriptEase II can generate scripting code for any game engine for which a translator is written. Currently there are translators for Neverwinter Nights and real(More)
Serious games is an emerging genre of video games where games are created in order to teach instead of strictly for entertainment and many involve health related issues. We are creating a video game to help treat patients with chronic depression. The game scenarios will simulate a situational analysis with the added benefit of the patients being able to(More)
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