Neerav Verma

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[1] Ti and Al activities and heavy nuclei tracks produced by cosmic rays have been measured in 19 stone meteorites that fell during the period 1766 to 2001. The gamma activity measurements of cosmogenic isotopes were performed using a highly specific and selective large volume Ge-NaI (Tl) spectrometer. The Ti activity, corrected for the target element(More)
Energy dispersive X-ray microanalysis of micron-sized inclusions in steel is of considerable industrial importance. Measured spectra and Monte Carlo simulations show a significant effect of the steel matrix on analysis of CaO-Al(2)O(3)-MgO inclusions: the steel matrix filters the softer (Al and Mg) characteristic X-rays, increasing the relative height of(More)
Indium oxide based ceramics with bismuth oxide addition were sintered in air in the temperature range 800-1300 oC. Current-voltage characteristics of In2O3-Bi2O3 ceramics sintered at different temperatures are weakly nonlinear. After an additional heat treatment in air at about 200 oC samples sintered at a temperature within the narrow range of about(More)
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