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The Gene Expression Barcode project, http://barcode.luhs.org, seeks to determine the genes expressed for every tissue and cell type in humans and mice. Understanding the absolute expression of genes across tissues and cell types has applications in basic cell biology, hypothesis generation for gene function and clinical predictions using gene expression(More)
The success of Mycobacterium tuberculosis as a pathogen derives from its facile adaptation to the intracellular milieu of human macrophages. To explore this process, we asked whether adaptation also required interference with the metabolic machinery of the host cell. Temporal profiling of the metabolic flux, in cells infected with differently virulent(More)
Obesity is a metabolic state associated with excess of positive energy balance. While adipose tissues are considered the major contributor for complications associated with obesity, they influence a variety of tissues and inflict significant metabolic and inflammatory alterations. Unfortunately, the communication network between different cell-types(More)
Obesity is now a worldwide epidemic disease and poses a major risk for diet related diseases like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke and fatty liver among others. In the present study we employed the murine model of diet-induced obesity to determine the early, tissue-specific, gene expression signatures that characterized progression to obesity(More)
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