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Complexes with a composition of VCl(2-n)(bzac)(2)(HL(1,2))(n) (I - IV) (where bzac = 1-phenyl-1,3-butanedionate anion (C(6)H(5)COCHCOCH(3)(-)); HL(1)=C(6)H(5)OCH(2)C(O)NHO(-), HL(2) = C(6)H(5)CH=CHC(O)NHO(-), n = 1 and 2) have been synthesised from the reactions of (VCl(2)(bzac)(2)) with equi- and bi-molar amounts of potassium phenoxyacetohydroxamate and(More)
Root canal shaping is of utmost importance in the success of root canal treatment. Numbers of systems available are effective for shaping; accounting from stainless steel hand files to nickel-titanium rotary files to the new single file system concept. Single file technique is developed for shaping vast majority of canals, regardless of their length,(More)
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