Neeraj Saini

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BACKGROUND The mce4 operon is one of the four homologues of mammalian cell entry (mce) operons of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The mce4A (Rv3499c) gene within this operon is homologous to mce1A (Rv0169), that has a role in host cell invasion by M. tuberculosis. Our earlier reports show that mce4 operon is expressed during the stationary phase of growth of(More)
BACKGROUND The presence of four mammalian cell entry (mce) operons in Mycobacterium tuberculosis suggests the essentiality of the functions of the genes in these operons. The differential expression of the four mce operons in different phases of in vitro growth and in infected animals reported earlier from our laboratory further justifies the apparent(More)
Cyber Crimes are increasing day by day and are posing a great threat to internet users. This paper discusses the Cyber crime, its nature and types. Various tools and techniques used for cyber crime are evaluated in this paper. The paper also discusses cyber related laws under Indian Penal Code and their application to the cyber offences. With the discussion(More)
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