Neeraj Kumar Misra

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A large amount of research is currently going on in the field of reversible logic, which have low heat dissipation, low power consumption, which is the main factor to apply reversible in digital VLSI circuit design. This paper introduces reversible gate named as 'Inventive0 gate'. The novel gate is synthesis the efficient adder modules with(More)
Reversible logic has attracted substantial interest due to its low power consumption which is the main concern of low power VLSI circuit design. In this paper, a novel 4x4 reversible gate called inventive gate has been introduced and using this gate 1-bit, 2-bit, 8-bit, 32-bit and n-bit group-based reversible comparator have been constructed with low value(More)
Now a day's reversible logic is an attractive research area due to its low power consumption in the area of VLSI circuit design. The reversible logic gate is utilized to optimize power consumption by a feature of retrieving input logic from an output logic because of bijective mapping between input and output. In this manuscript, we design 4:2 and 5:2(More)
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