Neeraj Kumar Misra

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Single, small, enhancing lesions that often resolve spontaneously are frequent findings on CTs of Indian patients with seizures. Based on ELISA and biopsy data, the majority of these lesions are probably cysticercosis. To determine if these patients should be treated with albendazole, we performed a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study(More)
A case is reported of a 9-year old male who presented with abnormal behaviour and progressive diminution of vision. Pupils were middilated in both eyes but the pupillary reflexes were preserved. Fundus examination revealed a bilateral optic atrophy and radiological investigations showed a bilateral occipital calcification. We hereby document a case of(More)
A giant subdural empyema was found to be the cause of a large head in a two month old female child referred for cranial sonography. The sonographic features of the subdural empyema as illustrated by this case are: (1) The presence of an extra-axial space occupying lesion with mass effect. (2) Its fluid nature with mobile echogenic debris within. (3) Its(More)
A large amount of research is currently going on in the field of reversible logic, which have low heat dissipation, low power consumption, which is the main factor to apply reversible in digital VLSI circuit design. This paper introduces reversible gate named as 'Inventive0 gate'. The novel gate is synthesis the efficient adder modules with(More)
We report a series of 21 patients with basal ganglia and thalamic granulomas or abscesses treated over 7 years. Among them, 15 were tubercular, 5 were pyogenic, and 1 was fungal. Pyogenic abscesses, usually hematogenous, also occurred secondary to osteomyelitis of the skull and chronic otitis media. The fungal abscess developed in a nonimmunocompromised(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVE Subclinical adrenal insufficiency has been shown to occur in patients with tuberculosis. Whether this insufficiency can be reversed with therapy and on long-term follow up, is not known. We studied the effect of antituberculosis treatment (ATT) with respect to reversal of the adrenal insufficiency, as assessed by response to standard(More)
Virtual Reality Simulation plays important role in teleoperation of lunar rovers during exploration phase as well as in the design of rover and its systems, performance evaluation during R&D phase. Present simulation methods for lunar rovers have several drawbacks in terms of difficulty in simulating terrains, rover terrain interfaces, simulating dynamics(More)
A rare case of tuberculous meningitis (TBM) causing unilateral thickening of meninges, is described here. The 50 year old male is presented with hemicranial headache and unilateral multiple cranial nerve involvement without any long tract signs. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan including enhanced studies showed a hemicranial thickening of the meninges.(More)