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244 Abstract—The growing demand of multimedia rich applications in handled portable devices continuously driving the need for large and high speed embedded Static Random Access Memory (SRAM) to enhance the system performance. Many circuit techniques, e.g. body bias, bit charge recycling etc., have been proposed to expand design margins at low voltage(More)
In Handwritten signatures analyzed for forgery have to undergo feature extraction process, due to varied samples in size rotation and intra-domain changes, invariance has to be achieved during feature extraction process; circular Hidden Markov Model with discrete radon transform approach of feature extraction provides invariance. On other hand Scale(More)
Electron-positron pair plasmas represent a unique state of matter, whereby there exists an intrinsic and complete symmetry between negatively charged (matter) and positively charged (antimatter) particles. These plasmas play a fundamental role in the dynamics of ultra-massive astrophysical objects and are believed to be associated with the emission of(More)
Crosstalk is the major problem with optical interconnections; it not only degrades the performance of network but also disturbs the path of communication signals. This paper presents a new optical interconnection network named as crosstalk free modified omega network (CFMON) and its routing algorithm. The proposed routing algorithm reduces the crosstalk(More)
People are comfortable with pen and papers for authentication and authorization in legal transactions. Due to increase in amount of offline handwritten signatures it is very essential that a person’s handwritten signature to be identified uniquely. In this paper we will evaluate the use of SURF features in handwritten signature verification. For each known(More)
We report a large positive magneto-resistance (MR) in bubble decorated graphene oxide films that are derived from shellac biopolymer as a carbon source. These films were produced on a quartz substrate by heating the biopolymer coated substrate at 900 °C in an argon atmosphere. The characterization data of the films using Raman, X-ray photoelectron(More)
We explore a novel phenomenon of focused ion beam (FIB) induced bending of carbon nanopillars or cantilever structures. The bending occurs towards the ion beam during scanning. The explanation of this bending has been sought on the basis of a model which considers temperature rise and gradients caused by the impinging ion beam. The process is controllable(More)
1 Abstract—For mobile and multimedia applications of SRAMs, there is a strong need to reduce standby current leakages while keeping the memory cell data unchanged. To meet this objective, various techniques have been developed to reduce the leakage current at the process/device, circuit, architecture, and algorithmic levels. The traditional 6T CMOS SRAMs(More)
As the population is increasing day by day, the environment should be clean and hygienic. In most of the cities the overflowed garbage bins are creating an unhygienic environment. This will further lead to the arise of different types of diseases. This will degrade the standard of living. To overcome these situations an efficient smart waste collection(More)