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Gorlin-Goltz syndrome is an autosomal dominant inherited disorder characterized by the presence of multiple odontogenic keratocysts along with various cutaneous, dental, osseous, ophthalmic, neurological, and sex organ abnormalities. Early diagnosis is essential as it may progress to aggressive basal cell carcinomas and neoplasias. Gorlin-Goltz syndrome has(More)
BACKGROUND Age is an essential factor in establishing the identity of a person. Teeth are one of the most durable and resilient part of skeleton. Gustafson (1950) suggested the use of six retrogressive dental changes that are seen with increasing age. AIM The aim of the study was to evaluate the results and to check the reliability of modified Gustafson's(More)
BACKGROUND India is estimated to have third highest number of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection in world with about 2.4 million people currently living with HIV/Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). There is a possibility of HIV transmission in the oral health care setting and thus adequate knowledge and proper attitude among dental students(More)
The odontogenic myxoma is a relatively rare benign tumor occurring in the jaws. When the lesion is large and when presenting in a difficult location, aggressive initial therapy affords the most successful outcome. Histologic, radiographic and behavioral characteristics of this rather persistent tumor are briefly reviewed and an approach to diagnosis and(More)
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