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BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES Extensive use of antibiotics has added to the escalation of antibiotic resistance. This study was undertaken to evaluate the association, if any between antibiotic use and resistance in a hospital setting, and also detect the predominant mechanism of antibiotic resistance in Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae over a period of(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES During recent decades, there has been a change in the epidemiology of Candida infections, characterized by a progressive shift from a predominance of Candida albicans to non-albicans Candida species. This study was undertaken to analyze the change in the epidemiology of candidaemia and antifungal use at tertiary care hospital in New(More)
With the increase in issue width, bypass control of a processor become more complex. Also, in a processor, operands are read both from register file as well as from bypass. For a multi-port register file, read/write energy is much more than that of single port register file. Both redundant register read/write and bypass control area can be reduced with(More)
We propose a reduced-port Register File (RF) architecture for reducing RF energy in a VLIW processor. With port reduction, RF ports need to be shared among Function Units (FUs), which may lead to access conflicts, and thus, reduced performance. Our solution includes (i) a carefully designed RF-FU interconnection network that permits port sharing with(More)
BACKGROUND There is emergence of resistance to the last-line antibiotics such as carbapenems in Intensive Care Units (ICUs), leaving little effective therapeutic options. Since there are no more newer antibiotics in the armamentarium in the near future, it has become imperative that we harness the interdisciplinary knowledge for the best clinical outcome of(More)
Foreign bodies inside the pancreas are rare and usually occur after the ingestion of sharp objects like fish bone, sewing needle and toothpick. Most of the ingested foreign bodies pass spontaneously through the anus without being noticed but about 1% of them can perforate through the wall of stomach or duodenum to reach solid organs like pancreas or liver.(More)
Today energy is an important factor in designing a multiprocessor system. The overall goal of this work is to propose a methodology for design space exploration of VLIW multiprocessors. We have developed a framework which enables us to explore energy - performance trade-off for state of the art VLIW processors and multiprocessors. Our methodology is capable(More)
Fault tolerance techniques are important to increase the yield of the VLSI chips in advanced fabrication technologies. In regular structure like FPGA, redundancy is commonly used for fault tolerance. Most of the techniques found so far in literature talks about software based change in configuration data. Here in this work we present a solution in which(More)
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