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'Eosinophilia' can occur due to a large number of allergic, infectious, neoplastic, and idiopathic diseases. It can range in severity from a self-limiting condition to a life-threatening disorder. The term 'hypereosinophilia' refers to eosinophil levels >1500/μL, and regardless of the underlying cause can be associated with tissue and organ damage.(More)
The Chikungunya virus belonging to genus alphavirus and family togaviridae causes an arthropod-borne self-limiting febrile illness in humans. Neurological complications are rare with myelitis being even a rarer presentation. We report here a patient with Chikungunya fever who developed acute transverse myelitis with myositis during the convalescent period.
Lingual involvement can occur in a variety of neurological disorders including pyramidal, extrapyramidal and lower motor neuron disorders. It can be seen in the form of tremor, bradykinesia, dystonia, atrophy and weakness of tongue movements and can clinically present as difficulty in swallowing and dysarthria which can be a source of great discomfort to(More)
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