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BACKGROUND Maternal and neonatal mortality rates remain high in many low-income and middle-income countries. Different approaches for the improvement of birth outcomes have been used in community-based interventions, with heterogeneous effects on survival. We assessed the effects of women's groups practising participatory learning and action, compared with(More)
Changes in the distribution and quantity of laminin and fibronectin within the basement membranes of developing or regenerating CNS blood vessels were investigated using two immunocytochemical techniques. Three models of angiogenesis were studied: normal pre- and postnatal development, wound healing, and vascularization of fetal neocortical transplants(More)
BACKGROUND The United Nations Millennium Development Goals look to substantial improvements in child and maternal survival. Morbidity and mortality during pregnancy, delivery and the postnatal period are prime obstacles to achieving these goals. Given the increasing importance of urban health to global prospects, Mumbai's City Initiative for Newborn Health(More)
The chronic cardiotoxicity of doxorubicin as a free drug or entrapped in positive and negative liposomes was morphologically evaluated in mice treated seven times i.v. at a dose of 4 mg/kg. Liposomes were composed of phosphatidylcholine, cholesterol, and stearylamine (positive charge) or phosphatidylserine (negative charge). Administration of free(More)
The pharmacological and therapeutic effects of Adriamycin entrapped in positively charged and negatively charged lipo somes were compared with those of free Adriamycin in mice. Liposomes were composed of phosphatidylcholine and choles terol mixed with stearyl amine (positive charge) or phosphati-dylserine (negative charge). Positive liposomes with entrapped(More)
INTRODUCTION Improving maternal and newborn health in low-income settings requires both health service and community action. Previous community initiatives have been predominantly rural, but India is urbanizing. While working to improve health service quality, we tested an intervention in which urban slum-dweller women's groups worked to improve local(More)
BACKGROUND Aggregate urban health statistics mask inequalities. We described maternity care in vulnerable slum communities in Mumbai, and examined differences in care and outcomes between more and less deprived groups. METHODS We collected information through a birth surveillance system covering a population of over 280 000 in 48 vulnerable slum(More)
BACKGROUND The cost of maternity care can be a barrier to access that may increase maternal and neonatal mortality risk. We analyzed spending on maternity care in urban slum communities in Mumbai to better understand the equity of spending and the impact of spending on household poverty. METHODS We used expenditure data for maternal and neonatal care,(More)
In every mammalian cell the interphase centriole forms a primary cilium during some part of the cell cycle. Many sensory receptors are modifications of primary cilia, but a sensory role for primary cilia in mammalian cells has not been proven. Nevertheless, we have found that both growth factors and calcium ionophore (A23187) induce calcium fluxes and(More)