Neena Imam

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—A numerical method for global optimization of quantum-well infrared photodetector (QWIP) performance parameters is presented and experimentally verified. The single-band effective-mass Schroedinger equation is solved by employing the argument principle method (APM) to extract both the bound and quasibound eigen-energies of the quantum heterostructure. APM(More)
The emergence of streaming multicore processors with multi-SIMD architectures opens unprecedented opportunities for executing many sophisticated signal processing algorithms, including FFTs, faster and within a much lower energy budget. We report on the development, implementation, and demonstration of a novel, massively parallel computational scheme for(More)
Modern graphics processing units (GPUs) have complex architectures that admit exceptional performance and energy efficiency for high-throughput applications. Although GPUs consume large amounts of power, their use for high-throughput applications facilitate state-of-the-art energy efficiency and performance. Consequently, continued development relies on(More)
—Split-execution computing leverages the capabilities of multiple computational models to solve problems, but splitting program execution across different computational models incurs costs associated with the translation between domains. We analyze the performance of a split-execution computing system developed from conventional and quantum processing units(More)