Neena Imam

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—Split-execution computing leverages the capabilities of multiple computational models to solve problems, but splitting program execution across different computational models incurs costs associated with the translation between domains. We analyze the performance of a split-execution computing system developed from conventional and quantum processing units(More)
The Lustre parallel file system has been widely adopted by high-performance computing (HPC) centers as an effective system for managing large-scale storage resources. Lustre achieves unprecedented aggregate performance by parallelizing I/O over file system clients and storage targets at extreme scales. Today, 7 out of 10 fastest supercomputers in the world(More)
SUMMARY The emergence of streaming multicore processors with multi-SIMD (single-instruction multiple-data) architectures and ultra-low power operation combined with real-time compute and I/O reconfigurability opens unprecedented opportunities for executing sophisticated signal processing algorithms faster and within a much lower energy budget. Here, we(More)
The importance of achieving high performance Fourier transforms for Cognitive Radio applications can not be overemphasized. This includes signal detection in the presence of noise power uncertainty, multi-resolution spectrum sensing, minimization of subcarriers' side lobes in OFDM modulators, multi-stream processing, or spectrum loading, for example. With(More)
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