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Lymphoblastoid cell lines correspond to in vitro EBV-immortalized lymphocyte B-cells. These cells display a suitable model for experiments dealing with changes in protein expression occurring upon B-cell differentiation, after drug treatment, or after inhibition of some transcription factors. For all these reasons we have undertaken an effort aimed at(More)
Modern graphics processing units (GPUs) have complex architectures that admit exceptional performance and energy efficiency for high-throughput applications. Although GPUs consume large amounts of power, their use for high-throughput applications facilitate state-of-the-art energy efficiency and performance. Consequently, continued development relies on(More)
iv ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I would like to take this opportunity to thank my advisor, Dr. Phillip Allen, for assisting me in transforming abstract ambition into tangible and relevant research work. Dr. Allen has provided instruction and guidance that has not only aided in the creation of this work, but also given me valuable insight into the personal and(More)
The worth of completing parallel tasks is modeled using utility functions, which monotonically-decrease with time and represent the importance and urgency of a task. These functions define the utility earned by a task at the time of its completion. The performance of such a system is measured as the total utility earned by all completed tasks over some(More)
A numerical method for global optimization of quantum-well infrared photodetector (QWIP) performance parameters is presented and experimentally verified. The single-band effective-mass Schroedinger equation is solved by employing the argument principle method (APM) to extract both the bound and quasibound eigen-energies of the quantum heterostructure. APM(More)
File transfers over dedicated connections, supported by large parallel file systems, have become increasingly important in high-performance computing and big data workflows. It remains a challenge to achieve peak rates for such transfers due to the complexities of file I/O, host, and network transport subsystems, and equally importantly, their interactions.(More)
Split-execution computing leverages the capabilities of multiple computational models to solve problems, but splitting program execution across different computational models incurs costs associated with the translation between domains. We analyze the performance of a split-execution computing system developed from conventional and quantum processing units(More)
We consider a System of Systems (SoS) wherein each system Si, i = 1, 2, . . . , N , is composed of discrete cyber and physical components which can be attacked and reinforced. We characterize the disruptions using aggregate failure correlation functions given by the conditional failure probability of SoS given the failure of an individual system. We(More)
Importance of achieving high performance Fourier transforms for Cognitive Radio applications can not be over-emphasized. This includes signal detection in the presence of noise power uncertainty, multi-resolution spectrum sensing, minimization of subcarriers' side lobes in OFDM modulators, multi-stream processing, or spectrum loading, for example. With the(More)