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Cognitive radio has been considered as a key technology for future wireless communications and mobile computing. We note the cognitive radios can form cognitive radio networks (CRN) by extending the radio link features to network layer functions and above. We categorize CRN architecture into several structures and classify the unidirectional links in such(More)
Wireless sensor network is more prone to adversary compare to common wireless network. This is due to the nature of wireless sensor network that encompasses many nodes, thus making the system more vulnerable. Another reason is the nature of wireless sensor network as an ad-hoc network, making it having no hierarchal structure, complicating management tasks.(More)
Internet of things (IoT) is an emerging paradigm where the devices around us (persistent and non-persistent) are connected to each other to provide seamless communication, and contextual services. In the IoT, each device cannot be authenticated in the short time due to unbounded number of devices. Equally, it is difficult to get receipt of their(More)
In the last few years the Internet of Things (IoT) has seen widespread application and can be found in each field. Authentication and access control are important and critical functionalities in the context of IoT to enable secure communication between devices. Mobility, dynamic network topology and weak physical security of low power devices in IoT(More)
Since the dissemination of Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) tags is getting larger and larger, the requirement for strong security and privacy is also increasing. Low-cost and ultra-low-cost tags are being implemented on everyday products, and their limited resources constraints the security algorithms to be designed especially for those tags. In this(More)
Networking cognitive radios and nodes from primary system (PS) results in a heterogeneous coexisting multi-radio wireless network, so that significant network throughput gain can be achieved. However, by investigating cognitive radio network (CRN) architecture, the links in CRNs are unlikely to support complete security check due to link dynamics,(More)
Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication has attracted considerable attention in research communities and has also started to gain momentum from a commercial perspective where operators are starting to offer services within the domains of fleet management, logistics, home automation, etc. At the same time, the more loosely defined, but broader domain of(More)