Neelam Shahab

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Actinomycetes produce various physiologically active compounds, including antibiotics. Although the discovery of new active compounds has slowed recently, some novel compounds from nonsoil borne actinomycetes; for example, marine actinomycetes, have been reported.1 Thus, discoveries of new taxa will expand the diversity of resources available for screening(More)
A guided bone regeneration (GBR) membrane has been extensively used in the repair and regeneration of damaged periodontal tissues. One of the main challenges of GBR restoration is bacterial colonization on the membrane, constitutes to premature membrane degradation. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to investigate the antibacterial efficacy of(More)
In order to examine the physiology ofStreptomyces coelicolor when growing on solid media, we have employed a membrane overlay technique and used a new approach to extract substrate and product compounds from the agar. Comparisons made with liquid grown cultures indicate a change from non-growth associated productivity of actinorhodin in liquid culture, to(More)
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