Neelam Naik

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Methylphenidate (MP) binds to the cocaine binding site on the dopamine transporter and inhibits reuptake of dopamine, but does not appear to have the same abuse potential as cocaine. This study, part of a comprehensive effort to identify a drug treatment for cocaine abuse, investigates the effect of choice of calculation technique and of solvent model on(More)
The quality higher education is required for growth and development of country. Professional education is one of the pillars of higher education. Data mining techniques aim to discover hidden knowledge in existing educational data, predict future trends and use it for betterment of higher educational institutes as well as students. The objective of this(More)
The emergence of powerful digital infrastructures, wireless networks and mobile devices has already started to move computing away from the desktop and embed it in the public spaces, architectures, furniture and personal fabric of human life. The idea behind ubiquitous computing is to surround ourselves with computers and software that are carefully tuned(More)
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