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Correlation Power Analysis (CPA) is a commonly used side-channel attack (SCA) on cryptographic devices, which analyzes power consumption to extract secret information like cryptographic keys. In this work, we have developed an open-source side-channel evaluation platform to evaluate the resilience of a range of devices to SCAs. Our platform includes an(More)
Since the first community antenna television (CATV) system was deployed in 1948, cable technology has advanced at an astounding rate. Today, multiple service providers (MSOs) are competing with telephone companies to deliver the long sought 'triple play' of voice, video and data to residential and business premises. Upstream data rates have progressed from(More)
Structural support vector machines (SSVMs) are amongst the best performing methods for structured computer vision tasks, such as semantic image segmentation or human pose estimation. Training SSVMs, however, is computationally costly, because it requires repeated calls to a structured prediction subroutine (called max-oracle), which has to solve an(More)
—We conducted a study to investigate trust in and dependence upon robotic decision support among nurses and doctors on a labor and delivery floor. There is evidence that suggestions provided by embodied agents engender inappropriate degrees of trust and reliance among humans. This concern is a critical barrier that must be addressed before fielding(More)
Network Function Virtualization promises to enable dynamic management of software-based network functions. We envision a dynamic and flexible network that can support a smarter data plane than just simple switches that forward packets. This network architecture supports complex stateful routing of flows where processing by network functions (NFs) can(More)
This paper presents the design and implementation of high power density and highly efficient air-core embedded inductor onto Printed Circuit Board (PCB) for 280W-5A/240nH, 280W-12A/150nH and 280W-18A/50nH. The toroidal structure due to its better performance on interfacing electromagnetic fields (EMI), is investigated. In addition, thermal restrictions are(More)
Labor and Delivery is a complex clinical service requiring the support of highly trained healthcare professionals from Obstetrics, Anesthesiology, and Neonatology and the access to a finite set of valuable resources. In the United States, the rate of cesarean sections on labor floors is approximately twice as high as considered appropriate for patient care.(More)
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) guided minimally invasive interventions are an emerging technology. We developed a microcatheter that utilizes micro-electromagnets manufactured on the distal tip, in combination with the magnetic field of a MRI scanner, to perform microcatheter steering during endovascular surgery. The aim of this study was to evaluate a(More)