Neel Madhav

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We describe a general module language integrating abstract data types, specifications and object-oriented concepts. The framework is based on the Standard ML module system, with three main extensions: subtyping, a form of object derived from ML structures, and inherit ante primitives. The language aims at supporting a range of programming styles, including(More)
OBJECTIVE The present study was intended to assess the effect of environmental enrichment on the diabetes as well as combined actions of diabetes and stress on the neurons of the motor cortex of rat brain. BACKGROUND Untreated diabetes mellitus causes severe insults to the neurons of the central nervous system. Treatment with environmental enrichment is(More)
Rapide is a language for prototyping large, distributed systems. Rapide allows the scale design of a system to be constructed and analyzed before resources are applied to the construction of the actual system. Two important facets of designing reliable systems are 1 system architecture | the components in the system and the communication paths between the(More)
This paper presents a methodology for formal speciication and prototype implementation of Ada packages using the Anna speciication language. Speciications play an important role in the software development cycle. The methodology allows speciiers of Ada packages to follow a sequence of simple steps to formally specify packages. Given the formal speciication(More)
Programming languages like Java provide designers with a variety of classes that simplify the process of building multithreaded programs. Though useful, especially in the creation of reactive systems, multithreaded programs present challenging problems such as race conditions and synchronization issues. Validating these programs against a speciication is(More)
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