Neeaj I. Pavel

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In this article, we show that if each node of the Barabási-Albert (BA) network is characterized by the generalized degree q, i.e. the product of their degree k and the square root of their respective birth time, then the distribution function F (q, t) exhibits dynamic scaling F (q, t → ∞) ∼ tφ(q/t) where φ(x) is the scaling function. We verified it by(More)
We propose a weighted planar stochastic lattice (WPSL) formed by the random sequential partition of a plane into contiguous and non-overlapping blocks and we find that it evolves following several non-trivial conservation laws, namely ∑N i x n−1 i y 4/n−1 i is independent of time ∀n, where xi and yi are the length and width of the i th block. Its dual on(More)
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