Nedret Billor

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As new markets, technologies and economies evolve in the low carbon bioeconomy, forest logging residue, a largely untapped renewable resource will play a vital role. The feedstock can however be variable depending on plant species and plant part component. This heterogeneity can influence the physical, chemical and thermochemical properties of the material,(More)
In this paper, we discuss the estimation of the parameter function for a functional logistic regression model in the presence of outliers. We consider ways that allow for the parameter estimator to be resistant to outliers, in addition to minimizing multicollinearity and reducing the high dimensionality which is inherent with functional data. To achieve(More)
A fundamental challenge for researchers studying the brain is to explain how distributed patterns of brain activity relate to a specific representation or computation. Multivariate techniques are therefore becoming increasingly popular for pattern localization of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data. The increased power of these techniques can(More)
Compressive sensing (CS) refers to the process of reconstructing a signal that is supposed to be sparse or compressible. CS has wide applications, such as in cognitive radio networks. In this paper, we investigate effective CS schemes for the trade-off between energy efficiency and estimation error. We propose an enhancement to a Bayesian estimation(More)