Nedjeljko Peric

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—An electronic throttle is a dc-motor-driven valve that regulates air inflow into the combustion system of the engine. The throttle control system should ensure fast and accurate reference tracking of the valve plate angle while preventing excessive wear of the throttle components by constraining physical variables to their normal-operation domains. These(More)
—Before applying current-signature-analysis-based monitoring methods, it is necessary to thoroughly analyze the existence of the various harmonics on healthy machines. As such an analysis is only done in very few papers, the objective of this paper is to make a clear and rigorous characterization and classification of the harmonics present in a healthy cage(More)
—The aim of this work is to yield a procedure for predicting expectation and covariance of power delivered by a generally tilted photovoltaic panel, based on available expectations and covariances of incident weather forecast data. The procedure consists of several steps: (i) neural-network-based identification of direct and diffuse solar irradiance models(More)
—In this work a dynamic discrete-time piecewise affine model of a pitch-controlled wind turbine is identified in the vicinity of the optimal wind turbine static characteristics. The aerodynamic rotor torque and thrust force of a 1 MW wind turbine are identified as piecewise affine static functions of wind speed, rotor speed and pitch angle using the(More)
 A cascade correlation learning network (CCLN) is a popular supervised learning architecture that gradually grows the hidden neurons of fixed nonlinear activation functions, adding one-by-one neuron in the network during the course of training. Because of fixed activation functions the cascaded connections from the existing neurons to the new candidate(More)
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