Nedjeljko Peric

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An electronic throttle is a low-power dc servo drive which positions the throttle plate. Its application in modern automotive engines leads to improvements in vehicle drivability, fuel economy, and emissions. Transmission friction and the return spring limp-home nonlinearity significantly affect the electronic throttle performance. The influence of these(More)
An electronic throttle is a dc-motor-driven valve that regulates air inflow into the combustion system of the engine. The throttle control system should ensure fast and accurate reference tracking of the valve plate angle while preventing excessive wear of the throttle components by constraining physical variables to their normal-operation domains. These(More)
In this paper an optimal load-frequency controller for a nonlinear power system is proposed. The mathematical model of the power system consists of one area with several power plants, a few concentrated loads and a transmission network, along with simplified models of the neighbouring areas. Firstly, a substitute linear model is derived, with its parameters(More)
Before applying current-signature-analysis-based monitoring methods, it is necessary to thoroughly analyze the existence of the various harmonics on healthy machines. As such an analysis is only done in very few papers, the objective of this paper is to make a clear and rigorous characterization and classification of the harmonics present in a healthy cage(More)
PieceWise Affine (PWA) model comprises several affine dynamics defined over polyhedral regions in the regressor (state+input) space. Identification of a PWA model is very often a starting point for the controller synthesis of hybrid systems. In this paper we extend the clusteringbased procedure for identification of a PieceWise AutoRegressive eXogenous(More)
Wind turbines are usually installed on remote locations and in order to increase their economic competence malfunctions should be reduced and prevented. Faults of wind turbine generator electromechanical parts are common and very expensive. This paper proposes a fault-tolerant control strategy for variable-speed variable-pitch wind turbines in case of(More)
Faults of wind turbine generator electromechanical parts are common and very expensive. This paper introduces a generator fault-tolerant control scheme for variable-speed variable-pitch wind turbines that can be applied regardless to the AC generator used. The focus is on generator stator isolation inter-turn fault that can be diagnosed and characterised(More)
In this paper piecewise ARX (PWARX) model identification of a nonlinear MIMO process is discussed. PWARX models comprise several ARX models where each of them is valid over a polytope in the regressor space. The identification procedure simultaneously estimates both the polytopic regions and the ARX model coefficients in each region. Here we use the(More)
One of the basic issues in navigation of autonomous mobile robots is the obstacle avoidance task that is commonly achieved using reactive control paradigm where a local mapping from perceived states to actions is acquired. A control strategy with learning capabilities in an unknown environment can be obtained using reinforcement learning where the learning(More)