Nedeltcho Kandev

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A method for identifying the source of harmonic emission and for determining its contribution to the harmonic distortion at different points on a large power supply grid is presented in this paper. The proposed method is based on vector analysis of the harmonic currents, measured synchronously at multiple points on the electrical grid. This approach allows(More)
In this work, the results are presented of a 3D numerical magneto-hydrodynamic (MHD) simulation of direct current (DC) electromagnetic pump for liquid aluminum at large Reynolds number under externally imposed non-uniform magnetic field. The formulation of the magneto hydrodynamic model has been derived from the Reynolds-Averaged NavierStokes equations with(More)
Results are presented of 3D numerical magneto-hydrodynamic (MHD) simulation of electromagnetic DC pump for both laminar and turbulent metal flow under an externally imposed strongly non-uniform magnetic field. Numerous MHD flow cases were simulated using finite element method and the results of five typical examples are summarized here, including one(More)
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