Nedeljko Varnica

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In this paper we design capacity-approaching codes for partial response channels. The codes are constructed as concatenations of inner trellis codes and outer low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes. Unlike previous constructions of trellis codes for partial response channels, we disregard any algebraic properties (e.g., the minimum distance or the run-length(More)
—We propose an augmented belief propagation (BP) decoder for low-density parity check (LDPC) codes which can be utilized on memoryless or intersymbol interference channels. The proposed method is a heuristic algorithm that eliminates a large number of pseudocodewords that can cause nonconvergence in the BP decoder. The augmented decoder is a multistage(More)
Multiple description codes are data compression algorithms designed with the goal of minimizing the distortion caused by data loss in packet-based or diversity communications systems. Recently, techniques that achieve multiple description coding by combining embedded source codes with unequal error protection channel codes have become popular in the(More)
— In recent years performance prediction for communication systems utilizing iteratively decodable codes has been of considerable interest. There have been significant breakthroughs as far as the analysis of LDPC code ensembles is concerned but the more practical problem of predicting the FER/BER of a particular code has proved to be much more difficult. In(More)
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