Neda Vdović

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Sediments are routinely analyzed in terms of the sizing characteristics of the grains of which they are composed. Via sieving methods, the grains are separated and a weight-based size distribution constructed. Various moment parameters are computed from the size distribution and these serve as sediment characteristics. This paper examines the feasibility of(More)
The anthropogenic impact on the environment in the last century has proven to be very negative due to the fast development of industry. A typical example is the Deûle River in northern France, one of the most polluted sites in this region. The concentrations of Pb, Cd, Zn and Cu in river sediments are 300, 800, 50 and 15 times higher, respectively, than the(More)
Grain-size analysis has long been used as a descriptor of transport and depositional processes. This paper presents the possibility of using image-based granulometries, not yet widely used in the earth sciences, to characterize granulometric composition of unconsolidated estuarine and marine sediments. To test the method, conventional sediment analysis of(More)
The study conducted in the Morinje Bay (Central Dalmatia, Croatia) included the investigation of the sedimentological, physico-chemical and geochemical properties of the Morinje Bay sediments in order to assess the suitability of the material for wellness-related purposes including medicinal use. The sedimentological characteristics of the Morinje mud are(More)
This study investigates the geochemical characteristics of recent shallow-water aragonite-rich sediments from the karstic marine lakes located in the pristine environment on the island of Mljet (Adriatic Sea). Different trace elements were used as authigenic mineral formation, palaeoredox and pollution indicators. The distribution and the historical record(More)
This paper presents research on the surface characteristics, specific surface area (SSA), cation exchange capacity (CEC) and the electrophoretic mobility (EPM) of kaolin clays obtained from different naturally occurring pegmatite and granite deposits worldwide. Particular emphasis was placed on studying the influence of ancillary minerals on these(More)
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