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Sleep, in particular REM sleep, has been shown to improve the consolidation of emotional memories. Here, we investigated the role of sleep and sleep deprivation on the consolidation of fear memories and underlying neuronal mechanisms. We employed a Pavlovian fear conditioning paradigm either followed by a night of polysomnographically monitored sleep, or(More)
Traditionally, the medial temporal lobe (MTL) was linked to explicit or declarative memory in associative learning. However, recent studies have reported MTL involvement even when volunteers are not consciously aware of the learned contingencies. Therefore, the mechanism of the MTL-related learning process cannot be described sufficiently by the(More)
The state of a neural assembly preceding an incoming stimulus is assumed to modulate the processing of subsequently presented stimuli. The nature of this state can differ with respect to the frequency of ongoing oscillatory activity. Oscillatory brain activity of specific frequency range such as alpha (8-12 Hz) and gamma (above 30 Hz) band oscillations are(More)
The state of a neural assembly preceding an incoming stimulus modulates the processing of that subsequently presented stimuli. For human memory formation, the role of oscillatory brain activity within different frequency ranges has been discussed but a more functional relation could not be established. In the present Experiment I, an increase of(More)
In this study, a noninvasive electroencephalography-based neurofeedback method is applied to train volunteers to deliberately increase gamma band oscillations (40 Hz) in the visual cortex. Gamma band oscillations in the visual cortex play a functional role in perceptual processing. In a previous study, we were able to demonstrate that gamma band(More)
Gamma band oscillations in the human brain (around 40 Hz) play a functional role in information processing, and a real-time assessment of gamma band activity could be used to evaluate the functional relevance more directly. Therefore, we developed a source based Brain-Computer-Interface (BCI) with an online detection of gamma band activity in a selective(More)
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