Neda Baktash

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Terahertz imaging detectors implemented in a 65-nm CMOS SOI technology are presented. Low-noise square-law power detection is provided by distributed self-mixing in NFET-based passive mixers with optional integrated amplifiers. The pixels of the imaging array are equipped with folded-dipole antennas designed for through-substrate illumination by an(More)
This paper presents a lens-integrated terahertz imaging detector implemented in a 65 nm bulk CMOS process technology. The back-side illumination through a silicon lens increases the imaging SNR by 7–15 dB. The broadband detector design has been verified from 0.6 to 1 THz. At 1 THz the circuit achieves a noise equivalent power (NEP) of 66(More)
Patch antennas for 0.65 THz imaging applications have been implemented in the silicon-oxide backend of a 0.25 µm BiCMOS technology. Integrated transistor-based square-law detectors are used to characterize the co- and cross-polarization radiation patterns of differentially fed patch elements arranged in a 3×5 pixel array. Each element of the(More)
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