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Operating a bridge-type PWM (pulse width modulation) switch mode power converter with asymmetrical duty ratios can eliminate switching losses with no increase in conduction loss. This circuit topology combines the best features of resonant (zero switching loss) and switch mode (low conclusion loss) circuits. Design equations are presented for just such a(More)
Wind energy is often installed in rural, remote areas characterized by weak, unbalanced power transmission grids. In induction wind generators, unbalanced three phase stator voltages cause a number of problems, including overheating and stress on the mechanical components from torque pulsations. Therefore, beyond a certain amount of unbalance (for example(More)
Practical implementations of the power electronics required to operate bearingless machines with the so-called “dual-purpose no-voltage” (DPNV) windings are proposed. These windings enable a bearingless machine to use the same coils to produce both radial suspension forces and torque, which has been shown in the literature to enable better(More)
A winding design approach is proposed for the bearingless ac homopolar and consequent pole motors that utilizes the same coils for both suspension force and torque production. This enables a “pure” bearingless motor design, where the same iron and copper are used for both magnetic bearing operation and torque production, and can result in more(More)
This paper explores use of TCSC to solve problems of interconnection of wind turbines to grid. Two applications of TCSC have been considered here. One for fault current limitation and other unbalance voltage compensation. By simulation results it has been shown that TCSC is quite effective in both cases
This paper proposes a simple control method to achieve active sharing of input voltage and load current among modular converters that are connected in series at the input and in parallel at the output. The input-series connection enables a fully modular power-system architecture, where low voltage and low power modules can be connected in any combination at(More)