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  • Ned Greene
  • 1986
Various techniques have been developed that employ projections of the world as seen from a particular viewpoint. Blinn and Newell introduced reflection mapping for simulating mirror reflections on curved surfaces. Miller and Hoffman have presented a general illumination model based on environment mapping. World projections have also been used to model(More)
Creation of Omnimax animation by computer opens up fantastic new visual possibilities. Unfortunately, the fish-eye distortion of Omnimax film images complicates synthesis by computer, since most image-synthesis programs can create only perspective views. As an alternative to modifying existing image-synthesis programs to produce Omnimax projections(More)
A novel stochastic modeling technique is described which operates on a voxel data base in which objects are represented as collections of voxel records. Models are "grown" from predefined geometric elements according to rules based on simple relationships like intersection, proximity, and occlusion which can be evaluated more quickly and easily in voxel(More)
In previous work, we presented an algorithm to accelerate z-buffer rendering of enormously complex scenes. Here, we extend the approach to antialiased rendering with an algorithm that guarantees that each pixel of the output image is within a user-specified error tolerance of the filtered underlying continuous image. As before, we use an object-space octree(More)
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