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  • N Burns
  • 1989
One of the greatest obstacles to the identification of excellence in qualitative studies is the lack of generally accepted criteria. The criteria developed for quantitative studies are based on a different set of assumptions and are not appropriate. Those who critique qualitative studies need context flexibility, skills in inductive reasoning, skills in(More)
As the number of vehicles on America's roadways continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, pavements continue to deteriorate faster and require more frequent replacement. Construction, however, causes traffic delays, which further compound the problem. Traffic delays increase user costs, which are costs incurred by the users of the roadway but are directly(More)
I will be discussing the problem of <i>sketch understanding</i> which, as we shall see shortly, involves much more than just recognizing sketched symbols. Most of the work that I will present has been done by myself and the other members of my former research group back at MIT, lead by Professor Randy Davis. In addition, I would like to acknowledge my(More)