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The environmental conditions of Earth, including the climate, are determined by physical, chemical, biological, and human interactions that transform and transport materials and energy. This is the "Earth system": a highly complex entity characterized by multiple nonlinear responses and thresholds, with linkages between disparate components. One important(More)
While mercury (Hg) releases to air and water within the Great Lakes states have declined significantly, concentrations of mercury in fish remain a cause for concern regarding human and ecosystem health in the Great Lakes Basin. This paper assesses the priority that Hg source reduction ought to have in relation to some other environmental concerns, and(More)
clicking here. colleagues, clients, or customers by , you can order high-quality copies for your If you wish to distribute this article to others here. following the guidelines can be obtained by Permission to republish or repurpose articles or portions of articles ): March 30, 2011 www.sciencemag.org (this infomation is current as of The following(More)
We are studying lithium sputtering, evaporation, transport, material mixing, and surface evolution for the National Spherical Torus Experiment (NSTX) for various surfaces and plasma conditions. Lithium modeling is complex, particularly for NSTX short pulse, multiple material, variable plasma conditions. Cases examined include: (1) liquid lithium divertor(More)
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