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AIM To analyze usefulness of measurement amino-terminal pro-B type natriuretic peptide of (NT pro-BNP) as the one of parameters of water overload in patients with chronic kidney diseases. METHODS A total number of 277 patients with chronic kidney diseases (CKD) were followed up in the period often years between January 2000 and July 2010. Patients with(More)
Background Recommended by Resolution of Immunotherapy, issued by EAACI, Specific immunotherapy (SIT) was established as a mainstream method of treating allergic diseases. SIT produces long term challenges. SIT team should be aware that at first injection of allergen, the immunotherapy may cause a long lasting reaction. Anaphylaxis during SIT is very rare,(More)
INTRODUCTION Appropriate vitamin D turnover is essential for many physiological function. Knowledge of it's function was improved in last two decades with enlargement of scientific confirmation and understanding of overall importance. In addition to classical (skeletal) roles of vitamin D, many other function (no classical), out of bone and(More)
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