Nectarios Kitsios

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We present simple algorithms for three problems belonging to the class of intersection query problems. The "rst algorithm deals with the static rectangle enclosure problem and can easily be extended to d dimensions, the second algorithm copes with the generalized c-oriented polygon intersection searching problem in two dimensions, while the third solves the(More)
We consider the problem of d-dimensional searching (d ≥ 3) for four query types: range, partial range, exact match and partial match searching. Let N be the number of points, s be the number of keys specified in a partial match and partial range query and t be the number of points retrieved. We present a data structure with worst case time complexities O(t(More)
We consider the following problem as defined by Grove et al. [5]: Given a set of n isothetic rectangles in 3D space determine the subset of rectangles that are not completely hidden. We present an optimal algorithm for this problem that runs in O(nlogn) time and O(n) storage. Our result is an improvement over the one of Grove et al. by a logarithmic factor(More)
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